NEW BLOG! Let’s eat!! This week – SWAI FISH

Swai Fish Dinner

Yummy low-calorie meal! Ready in minutes!

THIS WEEK!! SWAI FISH  Just in time for lent!

If you have not heard of this fish or tried it, you MUST!!! Our family does NOT like fishy fish (if that’s even a descriptor, but you get the drift) We like very nice, mild, white fish. Think butterfish, dover sole, and chilean sea bass. Unfortunately these types of fish are very expensive (especially in a restaurant). That’s where SWAI comes in. It’s actually a catfish! (Yikes I know, but wait, it’s NOT a bottom feeder, it was raised in nets in a very clean farm environment) and it only has 80-85 calories per filet! And one filet is a very large portion. A whole bag of filets were on sale for under $10. INCREDIBLE! You can find it in your local grocery store individually quick frozen (look by the other frozen seafood). I shop locally at HARPS in Northwest Arkansas, but if you have trouble finding it, just ask someone at your local store.

The beauty of this fish is you can leave a few fillets out in the sink in the morning and it’s ready to fix starting 20 minutes before you want dinner on the table. Once it’s de-thawed (if you forget to leave it out, no worries, just run it under hot water!) Put a light coating of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the bottom of your frying pan and turn on medium heat. Open the fish packets and squeeze out excess water into sink and place filets in pan. sprinkle on Tony Chacheres or Garlic Salt and seasonings and cook both sides of fish until almost done, flipping occasionally (approximately 5 minutes each side). Just as you’re about ready to serve pour in KC Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki marinade (or your favorite marinade) and turn heat down to medium low. Continue flipping fish in the marinade and letting sauce “bubble up.” Once it’s heated well and coated, turn heat to low and let sit for just a minute or two. Get plates ready and serve!!! It’s unbelievably good!! I like to have steamed asparagus, seasoned black-eyed peas or bacon brussel sprouts (recipe to come later) as sides in addition to bread sticks. LOW FAT and can’t be beat.

I am passionate about eating as a family……as many nights as possible…..seated at your own table (and not in front of a tv). Even if your family consists of just you and your spouse! So I’m starting this blog to post videos and easy-to-fix healthy meal ideas for you to make at home. I’ve had several requests from friends about recipes and items that I make with ingredients from our local grocery store. Everything I talk about and show you I can do and I’m not a chef! (and it won’t require three trips to three different markets just to secure the ingredients). Super easy and very delicious. My husband and I travel and have eaten at fine dining and each item here has passed the “test.” Most items take 30 minutes to prep and you can start preparing less than an hour before dinnertime. I’m going to try to blog and post a new menu idea each week.

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  1. I saw that fish at Harps the other day and wondered about it. I don’t mind any kind of fish but some others in my family turn their noses up at “fishy fish” (sometimes even tilapia is too much for them). I will have to pick some up and try this. It looks and sounds so yummy. And since I am watching calories these days, this sounds perfect! (By the way, I still drool thinking about those mashed potatoes you served at the cheese tasting at Harps in the fall. Yum!)

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